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December 22, 2002
Happy Holidays from everyone at Lauan.

October 13, 2002
Congratulations to the Kellogg School of Management which was voted #1 in Business Week’s Biennial rankings of the top business schools. That is 2 higher than Harvard Business School (#3 – eat my shorts, nerds) and waaaaaay higher than lowly NYU-Stern School of Business (#15 – that is what you get for wait listing me, assholes).

And a personal note to NYU admissions: you can see me in Business Week magazine’s October 12th issue on the full page picture of the #1 MBA student body in the USA (and in the world according to the Economist’s rankings that came out earlier in the week -- didn’t even see you on the list, NYU!). NYU, I was looking toward to reading the review of your program, but there were so many schools reviewed before you, I got tired and watched re-runs of “Touched By An Angel” instead.

Kids, never let anybody tell you that starting a jamband record label won’t get you anywhere!

January 10, 2002
We have re-released Wise Monkey Orchestra's "Make Believe", Pick up your copy today!

May 29, 2002
Larry Featured in Relix Magazine! LARRY appears in the 'Spotlight' section of the June 2002 Relix. Look for the one with Phil Lesh on the cover.

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