Lauan Records

Lauan Affiliated Bands

Ancient Harmony
Known for their extended jams, 30 minute songs and 2 hour sets, this Atlanta, Georgia based band's live shows have delighted audiences to the point of exhaustion in dynamic cycles of delicate picking, picturesque lyrics and thundering crescendos.

Day By The River
Day by the River's unique sound comes from the incorporation of many kinds of music including, but not limited to Funk, Jazz, Classic Rock, Country, Latin, and Brazilian music. (DBR is no longer performing.)

Jiggle The Handle
Jiggle's live performances offer many different styles of music from jazz to folk to funk and even reggae . . . the band loves to play a well crafted shorter song as much as an all out flowing jam.

Somewhere between The Grateful Dead and Ozzy Osborne a little band squirms to find their own corner of the mud hole. And if you like to play in the mud then you are going to love LARRY!

Living Daylights
The Living Daylights are a funky-jazz, psycho, improv, avant trio from Seattle, Washington featuring Jessica Lurie on saxophones and flute, Dale Fanning on drums, and Arne Livingston on electric bass. The Living Daylights have been recording and touring the U.S. and Europe since 1995.

Miracle Orchestra
Miracle Orchestra originated with roots in traditional jazz and various improvised musics and has opened its arms to embrace and assimilate styles as diverse as electronica, rock, reggae, African and Latin, as well as pursuing its love for open-ended improvisation.

PORTERHOUSE harkens back to the original early '70s explosion of the rocking fusion of jazz and funk in the wake of Miles Davis' landmark Bitches Brew. The Portland, Ore.-based quintet shares the joy of that first flash as their driving, percolating grooves recall the keyboard wizardry of Herbie Hancock's Headhunters, the power packed wallop of the Tower of Power horn sound and the lush melodiousness and pure love of Mister Magic-era Grover Washington, Jr. PORTERHOUSE tosses some finger-popping Meters style syncopation into the mix, too.

PORTERHOUSE celebrates that era's excitement of exploration, and wears the fun of the journey in every note. PORTERHOUSE plays it meaty, greasy and hot!

Ray's Music Exchange
Ray's Music Exchange is a six piece ensemble from Cincinnati dedicated to the creation of eclectic and innovative music. With influences ranging from jazz and funk to worldbeat and experimental, the collective result is unique and balanced, venturing through many musical ideas.

Vinyl's music blends Latin percussion, electric funk, and soulful brass into signature instrumental grooves with an appeal that crosses the boundaries of culture, age, and gender.

Wise Monkey Orchestra
Wise Monkey Orchestra's unique sound encompasses styles from jazz, funk, Latin, disco and reggae; creating a style of music called 'Kinetic Soul'.