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Lauan Records is commited to bringing you the best in Jambands when you want it, which is RIGHT NOW. We now have running, 24 hours a day, Lauan Web Radio streaming high quality tunes into your own home, office, or whever you happen to be right now. Please bear in mind tha there are high quality streams, so proceed with caution. You just might feel like you're jamming along with these guys.

Before we get started, let's make sure you have all of the right equipment installed on your computer. We will be broadcasting using shoutcast technology which will enable us to broadcast mp3 quality music to you in real time. As this is some high quality audio, you're going to need an ISDN, DSL, Cable or faster connection to the internet in order to tun in. We are working on a low-bandwidth version, but for now, it's for the high speed folks only.

If you do not currently have an mp3 player installed on your computer then you will have to download one and configure it to play with our system. Luckily, there is already documentation out there on the web to help you along. Here is help for windows and for the mac.

NOTE: We've gotten some complaints about some popping noises in Winamp with the EQ on. Turning the EQ off seems to solve this problem.

Once you've got the software then it's time to listen to some music!

Crank Up The Tunes