Lauan Records

may 6-12, 1999

Day By the River/Jiggle the Handle/Vinyl
Three Sets Compilation

Lauan Records is on a mission: spread the evolving jam band scene beyond its scattered hotbeds on the East Coast and in parts of California. Lauan's first release, Three Sets, brings together live performances by a trio of the best jam bands from around the country to start the groove campaign on the upbeat.

Day By The River kicks off Three Sets with their psychedelic shuffle grooves from down south--Athens, Georgia to be exact. Not surprisingly, there's a bit of Widespread Panic influence in DBTR's sound. From Boston, Jiggle the Handle takes the jam in the direction of the open road--and outer space. Soaring guitar work from Gary Backstrom and the liquid fire interplay of the rest of the Jigglers, musically and vocally, are exceptional. Who says jam bands can't sing? Vinyl, from San Francisco, rounds out the disc with their sophisticated brand of horn driven and poly-textured California cool.

This is a delightful sampler that gives listeners 20-plus minutes of each band. Covering an array of styles, Three Sets shows that killer jam bands are not only located around the country, their music is all over the board. Jam bands don't play a particular style of music; they just jam the bojangles out of whatever it is they are playing.

--Lee Abraham