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Watermarks MP3 CD Press Release


March 2, 1999
Day By the River takes recording to the next millenium

Contact: Reis Baron     (West)         (303) 544-5885
         Ellis Godard   (Mid-Atlantic) (804) 296-9692
         Andy Abramson  (Southeast)    (706) 208-8341

Athens, GA independent band Day By the River announced today the release of an entire album recorded in MP3 format. The landmark album, entitled Watermarks, contains over four hours of music on one CD, comprised of 100% live material from Day By the River's last two years of touring. The disc will allow the listener to play the songs from CD-Rom drives and/or download them onto their hard drive. Lauan Records, an independent label from Providence, Rhode Island, will be funding the limited-edition release, which will be available for advance orders beginning Tuesday March 9th at 12:00 a.m. Copies can be ordered through the band's web site (www.daybytheriver.org) and through the Lauan web site (www.lauan.com). The official release date will be Tuesday, March 30th.

Representatives from Win Amp, Mac Amp, and Free Amp software gave the band permission to use their MP3 player software on the CD. Listeners will be able to install MP3 player software straight from the CD, which will feature players for the Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. The CD will also include web (HTML) pages, containing excerpts from the band's web site and links to digital music sites such as MP3.com and Rioport.com.

Watermarks is the first in a series of releases by the band that that will take advantage of cutting-edge compression formats to maximize the quantity and quality of material made available to fans.

"This is something we've been excited to do for our fans for years," boasts Day By the River keyboardist Walt Austin. "We never recorded a live album because of the 74-minute limit on standard CDs. With this new technology, we can put an entire evening's worth of music on one CD and not compromise the quality."

Day By the River will launch a national tour in support of Watermarks starting in New England in April, and continuing with dates on the West Coast this summer.

Watermarks MP3 CD-Rom is available at Lauan Records

For more information on the Watermarks MP3 release, please contact the Day By the River office at info@daybytheriver.com