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Show your support for Bobby Perkins with
this limited edition t-shirt

We are sorry, but we are no longer selling the Bobby Perkins shirts from our site. The remaining shirts will be available directly from the band at their shows. Thanks for your support.

Vote For Bobby Perkins 2000

This limited edition Bobby Perkins 2000 t-shirt is not available in stores. It is printed on a heavy duty 6.1 ounce cotton shirt and will last you at least until the next election.

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The Friends of Bobby Perkins for President would like you to note that this a limited edition t-shirt, with less than 60 being sold. The Friends of Bobby Perkins would also like you to note that if you order a shirt and we have run out of your size we reserve the right to change your order to the next size up (i.e. M->L, L->XL), unless you ordered a XXL and in this case we will include an XL shirt if we have run out.